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Leslie Griffin

Epic Fantasy and Romance Author

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New Release

Of Water
and Dance 

The forest is impenetrable. Mortals do not dare enter and the ancient Gods residing within cannot break free. In this stagnant, earthen prison they've waited, and one-by-one they've suffocated. But when a Leviathan is found slumbering deep inside a mountain and a Priestess' destiny is fulfilled, her decision between four different fates ricochets through time and leaves a crack in the wall that separates the realms of mortals and Gods.

With this fissure an unlikely web of people have been intertwined.


A pair of golden colored siblings born with an ancient magic in their veins.


A middle-aged Prince dying from the poisoned blood of his family's false rule.

A Sergeant whose abilities on the battlefield released a dark, immortal secret from within himself.


At the core of their improbable alliance is a secret long buried in stone. A secret that could change their home back into the fertile land it once was. But every secret has its price, and to expose this one time must shift, and one of them will have to die in consequence.

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*5 Stars*

 "The plot is meticulously woven and, like an enchanting tapestry, took me on a fantastic journey. It is a story that I could read again and again. This is an intricately crafted work and I can’t wait for the next book, or better still, a whole series!"


Sadiyah Bhamjee for Readers’ Favorite

Of Water and Dance

Praise & Reviews

*5 Stars*

"The theme of the power of womanhood is undiminished and made more authentic when she, a female with budding magic power and worthy of respect, is still subjected to the harassment of men. Griffin subtly shows us the disparity between men and women, and the reduction of even the most powerful women to sexualization by mere mortals. This is a wonderful novel that ticks all the boxes and I am certain others who read it will feel the same. Highly recommended."


Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

Of Water and Dance

*5 Stars*

"Of Water and Dance is a rare shining light of originality in a fantasy genre that tends to rehash the same plots under different titles but which still read the same."


Asher Syed for Reader's Favorite

Of Water and Dance


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About The Author

Leslie Griffin lives with her husband, two small children, and their family dog. When not writing, parenting, or keeping her house from utter chaos, she enjoys time outside gardening and going on adventures with her children. She is passionate about early childhood development and education as well as teaching others about Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

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