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Leslie Griffin's Biography

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Leslie Griffin lives with her husband, two small children, and their family dog. When not writing, parenting, or keeping her house from utter chaos, she enjoys time outside gardening and going on adventures with her children. She is passionate about early childhood development and education as well as teaching others about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Leslie Griffin has published articles on herbalism, gardening,  self-sufficiency, and traditional medicine in Mother Earth Living, a magazine from the publisher of Mother Earth News.

She has a B.A. in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and a minor in English from the University of Kansas. Over the years she has completed courses on herbalism, Seichim Reiki, as well as Registered Behavioral Technician training. 

Currently she is becoming acquainted with positive dog training techniques as she works with her family dog in the hopes of him becoming an Emotional Support Animal for those in hospice care.

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