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Book One: The Golden Twins Series

Epic Fantasy, Adult

The forest is impenetrable. Mortals do not dare enter and the ancient Gods residing within cannot break free. In this stagnant, earthen prison they've waited, and one-by-one they've suffocated. But when a Leviathan is found slumbering deep inside a mountain and a Priestess' destiny is fulfilled, her decision between four different fates ricochets through time and leaves a crack in the wall that separates the realms of mortals and Gods.

With this fissure an unlikely web of people have been intertwined.


A pair of golden colored siblings born with an ancient magic in their veins.


A middle-aged Prince dying from the poisoned blood of his family's false rule.


A Sergeant whose abilities on the battlefield released a dark, immortal secret from within himself.

At the core of their improbable alliance is a secret long buried in stone. A secret that could change their home back into the fertile land it once was. But every secret has its price, and to expose this one time must shift, and one of them will have to die in consequence.

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On Glen Mor

Women of the Void Romance Series

Time Travel Romance, Adult


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