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Lil Book Monk's Review

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

"Each character in the book has a different and strong personality."- Lil Book Monk

Photo Courtesy of: Lil Book Monks

"The magic, fantasy and twisted ending is what make this book interesting."

I want to take a moment to share my appreciation for book readers, reviewers, bloggers, and everyone out there who takes the time to enjoy and digest another persons piece of work. It is a vulnerable position to be in as a creator. However, every time someone enjoys our piece of work and shares their thoughts, it makes all the uncertainty worth it.

A month ago, I was approached by Lil Book Monks about reviewing my debut novel, Of Water and Dance. I haven't followed many book blogs in the recent years (motherhood has a way of depleting any leisure time you have), but I had frequented them consistently when I worked in public libraries. They are a beautiful source of information, and each blog brings a unique perspective and focus. Blogs that focus on Indie Authors are of particular interest as they shine a light on authors and their work that may otherwise go unnoticed. This isn't because of their quality, but because Indie authors and publishers may lack the monetary resources and connections to get their books into a media frenzy.

If you're looking for a book blog to follow, I recommend Lil Book Monks. They showcase a variety of fiction and nonfiction alike. Also, they take phenomenal promotional photos of all of their books!

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