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Of Swans and Stars: Finding my own North Star, one poem at a time, by E McConnell

"I burn my bridges with gaiety. And if you step onto them, well I expect you will burn too."

There is a journey to behold within these pages. The author bares their soul, holds your hand, tugs you along, peppering you with soft words and sharp realities. Along the way, healing is happening, in the author... and in yourself.

"When the walls close this time We will not be the same again. When the walls close this time We may not wish to leave again."

Just as the author journeys onward, your soul too starts reaching out in search of a North Star to call your own. In these poems you will find a kindred spirit, a wild, wise woman, offering you a guide into parts of yourself you've denied, silenced, ignored, parts that are buried deep under your busy schedules.

Don't be afraid of the emotions brought forth, don't fight the feelings that wash over you, for each poem is a different kind of anesthetic, you only feel the discomfort for a moment, and then your emotions flood forth, and you're able to hold them, turn them in your palm, define them. And when you find you need to gaze upon them again, just go back to that poem, and read her again.

I do not normally read books of poetry, I do not seek them out the same way I devour fantasy and romance novels. But this book, this glorious collection, poems will forever be one that I recommend.

To all my romantics, my wise women, my witches, my earth children, my old souls, get this book and keep her close by. I promise, you'll need her medicine, her healing, her anesthetic.

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